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Holding a Paintbrush

Tailored Technology to Empower People

Today's technology can do incredible things.  We believe that it can free people from tasks that are better left to machines.  In doing so, it can bring out the best of what makes humans unique.

For us, realising the potential of today's technology to empower people means leveraging world-leading cloud infrastructure and adding the rocket fuel of emerging AI capabilities.  But it's important to do it right, going beyond just the technology.  Security.  Privacy.  Business processes.  Insights.  All tailored to your organisation, your people, your purpose, what you do, and your vision for the future.

FiveTwo is the proud recipient of R&D funding from Callaghan Innovation to research ways to leverage modern AI technology for better outcomes in areas such as career development and rich qualitative analysis.

As Microsoft Partners, we believe that tailored Microsoft 365, Copilot, and OpenAI solutions, reinforced by strong business processes, can often provide the best available way to empower the people within your organisation to deliver the best of what it means to be human.

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