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Young Businesswomen

Elevating People through Technology

When we were kids, Star Trek used to play on a Saturday morning.  In spite of the technological marvels on display, the heart of the show was about humanity.  It was about exploration, cooperation, loyalty, connection, and a higher purpose.  It was about a team of people striving to be the best they could be, enabled and assisted by technology.

That's the role we want for technology in the world.  It can free people from responsibilities that deprive them of their spirit, and instead elevate what it is inside them to be human.

This isn't always the case.  Used poorly, technology can enslave people.  Think, for example, of crowds of people staring head-down into their smartphones.  Seemingly oblivious to the world, they are disconnected from one another and even from themselves.  Our vision is for technology to be used in a better way.  One that makes people look up again; connect with one another.  One in which technology is an amazing tool in the background, but that elevates the humanity of those that it serves.

This is what we mean by Humanising Technology.

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